Vacation Bible School Rangers Camp 2015 - Day 1

Posted by JonathanAlquiza on April 29, 2016

Day 1: Launch and off into space

Twenty kids showed up to “suit up” to leave earth’s orbit and be on the space station for the next three days.  Four kids have not attended Immanuel Fellowship before.


The kids were given some specially designed space suits to wear through the duration of VBS.  These suits had areas that each kid could personalize with colored markers.  This was an additional item to make each kid feel that they fit in among the rest regardless if they were new or not.  Friendships began even on the first day.



The kids were put into groups and went through all the modules on the space station.  Highlights of the day were playing a game that taught them the books of the New Testament, letting their creative fly high in the Design Lab with fingerprint art, making rock candy in the Tech Lab, and studying about germs in the Medical Bay.