Vacation Bible School Rangers Camp 2015 - Getting ready

Posted by JonathanAlquiza on April 29, 2016

We're going on a mission

The vacation Bible school (VBS) of Immanuel Fellowship for the summer of 2015 was going “out of this world” - designed to take the kids on a cool three-day experience onboard a “space station” to learn about God’s creation, His love, and, most of all, His Word.  Overall, this camp was an amazing event for everyone involved.


The idea was to take the kids into a new environment that would cause them to expect things to be different. And use that context to get their attention and get them into trying fun games and activities that can have them learn more about God.  And what could be more new environment for them than to take them all the way up to space?

Preparing for a blast-off for His utmost highest

The teachers of the children’s began designing and planning for the camp as early as October 2014 to make every part of the camp be a totally “new frontier” experience for the kids yet still address a critical problem: getting kids back into reading the Bible.


The final countdown to lift-off

The days before lift-off (Wednesday, May 6) was a bustle of activity.  A big highlight was starting in the afternoon of Sunday, May 3, there were twenty-two energetic and enthusiastic volunteers who showed up to help out in the final preparations for the VBS.  And soon the Immanuel World Outreach Center (VBS venue) was busy with volunteers working in two’s and three’s to set up decorations and cut out badges and other material that would turn the building into one huge space station.  The volunteers even made a skylight of planets and stars which hung from the ceiling of the main activity area.


After some sleepless nights and lots of take-out food, the space station was ready.  On the space station are seven modules: Research Lab (what is the Bible), Medical Bay (personal hygiene), Gym (dance), Planet Monitor (Bible verse memorization), Design Lab (arts and crafts), Mess Hall (food art), and Tech Lab (God’s science fun).