Statement of Core Values of IF

  1. Loving devotion to Jesus Christ as Lord over all areas of our life
  2. Regular Bible reading for personal spiritual growth
  3. Joyful response and participation in corporate worship
  4. Faithful financial support of our Fellowship
  5. Mutual loyalty to each other within the Fellowship
  6. Selfless service and devotion to our church
  7. Strategic investment in the next generation
  8. Honest and diligent work as means of glorifying God
  9. Passionate proclamation of the good news to our friends and loved ones
  10. Personal integrity of character

As a congregation of the Assemblies of God we also subscribe to the Mission and Core Values of our denomination.

Our Mission

The Assemblies of God is committed to fulfilling a four-fold mission. Its primary reason for being is:

  1. Evangelize the lost.
  2. Worship God.
  3. Disciple believers.
  4. Demonstrate God's love through Compassion.

Assemblies of God core values

We are committed to the following core values

  1. Passionately proclaim, at home and abroad, by word and deed Jesus as Savior, Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, Healer, and Soon Coming King.
  2. Strategically invest in the next generation
  3. Vigorously plant new churches
  4. Skillfully resource our Fellowship
  5. Fervently pray for God’s favor and help as we serve Him with pure hearts and noble purpose