The Bible At Your Fingertips

Posted by: Pastor Noel Dionson February 7th, 2015

phone.png“At one’s fingertips” is an idiomatic expression meaning readily available or accessible.  When I say the Bible at your fingertips, I do not only mean that the Bible is readily available or accessible but literally at your fingertips.

Almost everybody now owns a smartphone with touch screen.  One of the many apps that can be downloaded and installed is the Bible. With the touch screen, all you have to do is manipulate it with your fingertip.

I am happy that the Bible has now become totally portable and readily available through the smartphone.  My own Android phone has a Bible.  In case I forget to bring a Bible with me, I have one in my phone.

The first Bible app I had was the Bible (NIV) by Solvus Lab.  When I searched the Google Play Store for Bible apps, the one by Solvus Lab came first so I downloaded and installed it. It is good offline Bible except that I had a hard time looking for the verse I wanted.  So I searched for other Bible apps.  I tried the one by YouVerse and by LifeTV.  Both bring in lots of bells and whistles like they have an audio Bible aside from the text version.  They have maps and other images to help in understanding the text.  You can choose from the different Bible versions and languages.  However, I had to uninstall each of them after some time of testing because they are slow and I have to make it clear here, in my phone.  They search for WIFI connection so that the features are functional.  If WIFI is not detected then it will settle with the downloaded offline features.  Another thing is the size of the app.  These two consume a big chunk of space in the phone’s memory.  Not all can be moved to the SD card.  The problem here is that my phone does not have a large memory.   Because of this I had to look for another Bible app.

In my search, I found The Bible by Liu DongMiao.  It is an offline Bible.  Searching verses is fast.  It does not occupy a lot of space in the memory because only the versions you select will be downloaded.  For my phone I downloaded New International Version, King James Version, New Living TransIation, English Standard Version, Ang Bag-ong Maayong  Balita Biblia (Cebuano) and Ang Pulong Sang Dios (Ilonggo) word search is not superb but usable.  It can also highlight verses and can add notes.  With my limited phone’s memory, this app works for me.

Our theme for this year is “Upholding the Word, Changing the World.”  To uphold the Word, you have read, meditate, believe and share it.  Bring your Bible with you wherever you go.  Download and install a Bible app that fits your smartphone’s specifications.