The Journey

Posted by: Pastor Noel Dionson October 14th, 2016

hol.pngI had the great pleasure of meeting church leaders coming from different churches and countries through the Heart of the Leader Retreat at Mt. Makiling Re-Creation Center, Sto. Tomas, Batangas last September 30-October 6, 2016.   Most of the church leaders came from Philippines especially Metro Manila.  One came from Ethiopia and the other came from New Zealand but originally from Kenya.  Together we went through the Heart of the Leader journey.  The whole journey was divided into four smaller journeys.  The First Journey was the journey to a Personal Discovery.  In this journey, we went to know ourselves and even going to our past so that we could understand issues in our lives.  Knowing ourselves would help us in our spiritual growth.  Then we went on to the Second Journey which was the Outward Journey.  Here we learned to understand that we need others in our journey and as a result we have to build healthy relationships with them.  And then the Third Journey was the Inward Journey.  In this journey, it was emphasized that our personal well-being is the key to sustaining our journey. And last was the Fourth Journey which was the Upward Journey.  It is the journey of spiritual vitality which is achieved through an intimate relationship with God.

The whole journey brought us close to one another despite our differences and our small group even made a covenant that we would continue to pray and encourage one another because our true journey would begin after the retreat.

To understand what we, leaders, have experienced, GlobalLead has a plan to invite also church ministry leaders to training September next year so that the whole church will be one in the spiritual journey.